1. Water Resources and Environmental Protection

Water resources, water ecology, water environment, governance of water disaster, water quality improvement, utilization and protection of groundwater resources;

Ecological protection of watershed, wetland conservation and restoration, desalination, sewage treatment, biodiversity, aquaculture, aquaculture and fisheries engineering;

Hydro science, water conservancy projects, hydropower generation, flood control and deposition reduction of key water-control project, hydraulic machinery and systems, water and sand control, comprehensive control of soil erosion, flood control and disaster reduction system.

2. Sustainable Development

Carrying capacity of water resources, water conservation, intensively and economically utilization of water resources;

Sustainable economy, coastal economic development, port economy, marine logistics, ocean transportation, economic development along rivers, development and protection of marine resources, development and protection of lake resources, water-saving agriculture, water-saving industries and technologies;

Water resource management, sustainable management system, governance of ocean, rivers and lakes, water environment policy, water environment management, etc.

3. Other Related Fields

Ocean and maritime science, coastal engineering, ship science, marine engineering, marine transportation engineering, waterway engineering, submersible sciences, marine geology and life sciences, etc.